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Publisher's description

STATISTICA provides all the tools needed for statistics business.

The input into (and output from) STATISTICA 10 has now been integrated with the fastest growing standard for data exchange and integration – Microsoft SharePoint. STATISTICA documents can now be conveniently checked in and checked out of SharePoint from within the STATISTICA user interface. To the best of our knowledge, STATISTICA 10 is currently the only analytics or data mining application that offers this (seamlessly integrated) functionality.

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    yang 4 months ago

    STATISTICA is good!

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    Santosh Bhattarai 5 months ago

    Recently, I am doing my research on Predicting one target variable from 4 input variables in civil engineering field. I went through Math works, but I have not good programming knowledge. Thus, after searching NN prediction tools, I found this software. I went through the Statistica software overview, I am curious about it. Can this software solve the stated problem that I mentioned?
    How long does trial version work? How much do I have to pay ? Is there any discount for student version?
    Hoping positive response. Thank you.

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    Prof. Emad K. 5 months ago

    Dear All,
    I advise all my students or the valued reader of this comment to download Statistica V6,
    it is very professional and easy software.

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